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by Monroe Lacrosse on 4/7/2021

Hello All,

Monroe Boys Lacrosse trying to fill a few dates: Udated: 


Bantam- K-2:   4/17  5/2  5/15  5/23  6/5

Lightning- 3rd/4th:  4/11,  5/15-waiting confirmation

Juniors- 5th/6th:  4/11, 4/24, 6/12

Some Weekday nights available Tuesday's/Thursday's
Dave Monroe Lacrosse


North Haven Girls looking for games
by lisa brennan on 4/7/2021

Hello - The North Haven Girls Lax teams have a few openings for games: 


Girls Sr. 7/8: 4/18; 4/24; 5/2; 6/5; 6/6; 6/13

Girls Jr 5/6 teams (we have 2) have many openings available

Girls Lightening 3/4: 4/18; 4/25; 5/2; 5/15; 5/16


We can host or travel

please email

North Haven Boys looking for games
by lisa brennan on 4/7/2021

North Haven Boys Lax has a few open dates to fill for games: 

Boys U14: 4/18; 4/25; 5/1; 5/2

Boys U13: 4/18; 5/1/ 5/2

Boys U11/U12: 5/1; 5/2; 5/8; 5/15

Boys U9/U10: 4/17; 5/1; 5/2; 5/15


We can host or travel.

Lisa -

Norwalk Girls 5/6, 7/8 games needed
by Norwalk Girls Games on 4/7/2021

I am looking to schedule a few more games for the season:
Juniors 5/6 Girls:  5/2, 5/16 (can host both)
Seniors 7/8 GIrls:  4/18 (can host)
Thank you,

Fairfield Boys: 8A, 8B, 7/8C, 7B, 6A, 6B, 5/6C, 5A and 5B
by Seamus Grooms on 4/5/2021

Fairfield Boys:  8A, 8B, 7/8C, 7B, 6A, 6B, 5/6C, 5A and 5B 

Here are the open dates for each team due to some cancellations:

8A:  5/1

8B  4/25

7/8C:  4/25

7B:  4/24, 5/1

6A:  5/1

6B:  4/25

5/6C:  4/25, 5/23

5A:  5/23

5B:  4/24, 5/15, 5/22

Please let me know if you can schedule

Seamus Grooms


New Canaan Girls Lax 5B,7B and 8B games needed
by New Canaan Lacrosse on 4/1/2021

New Canaan Girls Lax games needed: New Canaan can host or travel. 

Saturday April 17 7B (senior)

Saturday April 24 5B (junior)

Saturday May 22nd 5B (junior) 

Saturday May 22nd 8B (senior)

Reach out if you have any availability:


Jen Crowley 

Update Pomperaug Lacrosse
by Brian Archibald on 4/1/2021


3 Red team (B-C level) Saturday May 8th – AWAY GAME



Little Help - NEED 4th Boys Games 4/24 & 4/25
by Adam Colon on 4/1/2021

NEED 4th Boys Games 4/24 & 4/25


Adam Colon 860-299-6868

4th Grade Coach

New Canaan Boys Lax looking for games
by New Canaan Lacrosse on 3/31/2021

New Canaan Boys Lacrosse is looking for games:


8A Red:

Saturday, 4/17 home or away



8B Black:

Saturday, 5/15 home or away


7B Black:

Saturday, 4/17 home or away

Sunday, 4/18 home or away


6B Black:

Saturday, 4/17 home or away

Sunday, 4/18 home or away

Saturday, 5/15 home or away


5A Red:

Saturday, 4/17 home or away


5B Black:

Saturday, 4/17 home or away

Sunday, 4/18 home or away

Saturday, 4./24 home or away


Please contact me, Annie Watson, at, if you are interested in playing.

Fairfield Girls open dates to fill!
by Brian Hartung on 3/30/2021

Open dates to host or travel:


4/24 - 8B

5/1 - 5B

5/2 - 5A , 6A

5/8 - 6A, 6B, 8A


Please contact

New Fairfield looking for games
by Eric Woolsey on 3/27/2021


New Fairfield Boys 4 Lightning looking for games (8v8).


  -  Need a game @ New Fairfield on Sunday 4/25

   - Need an away game on Sunday 5/16


   Comtact Eric Woolsey


Stratford looking for weeknight travel games
by John Karafa on 3/24/2021

Stratford Boys and Girls looking for weeknight travel games.  Please contact John Karafa

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