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The following documents are available for coaches, players and parents:


Unless stated below, CONNY Girls Youth games are to be conducted in accordance with all US Lacrosse Rules.





The purpose of the Official Girls Youth rules is to familiarize young players with the sport of women’s lacrosse by introducing them to the terms, the field, the playing positions, the concept of teamwork and the skills required to play the game safely and fairly. These rules were written by the US Lacrosse Women’s Division and ratified by the US Lacrosse Board of Directors in an effort to standardize youth rules for girls throughout the United States.


The girl youth rules are divided by developmental levels and shall be organized by age: U-15, U-13, U-11 and U-9 as of August 31 in the year preceding competition. Players may not play below their designated age group.




CONNY coaches are required to pass the 2016 CONNY Girls Rules Test.  The test is open book.
Navigate to "Coaches Training" on the horizontal bar at the top of this page. 

Passing score is 27 of 30 questions (90%).  Test may be take as many times as necessary to pass.


U15 Full Checking - CONNY REVISION  (March 2016)


Senior/U-15 Full Checking games between Tier 1 teams will be played under Full Checking Rules.  Coaches do not have the option to play under modified checking rules.


All U15 games involving a Tier 2 or Tier 3 team will be modified checking unless both coaches agree prior to the game and at least one week of notice is given to the girls assignor to obtain 2 adult officials.


Full Checking games require 2 adult officials and one of the officials holds a Local rating or higher.  No junior ref is permitted to referee a Full Checking game. If 2 adult refs are not available, the game will be played under modified checking rules.


3 Pass Rule for U11 and U9 Games (February 2015)


Three passes will be required in all U11 Lightning and U9 Bantam games before a shot may be taken.  The goalie clear will not count as a pass.  A pass is counted when another player gains possession of the ball whether by a completed pass or by ground ball.  A pass does not count if the original ball carrier passed the ball and re-gains possession if the ball is not possessed by another player.


If the shooting team regains the ball after a shot without the defense getting control, ie a rebound, the attack may immediately shoot.


Referees, especially junior referees, are not required to count passes.  Coaches must count passes.  In the event of disagreement between opposing coaches, play on the field will stand.


Eye Black permitted - CONNY REVISION (March 2016)


CONNY has not adopted the USL eye black limitations in the 2016 rules.  Players are permitted to wear eye black that is wider than 1 inch under the eye and down the check.   Players may have numbers or letters as decoration.



CONNY Girls Uniform Policies


​CONNY Member program uniforms do not need to meet the USL rule requirement for jersey panel size and color (January 2014)


CONNY Member programs do not need to meet the USL rele requirement for undergarments to match the color of the skirt.  (January 2015)


CONNY member programs MUST meet the USL rule requirement for numbers on both sides of the jersey. (January 2014)


Note:  If CONNY teams play outside of CONNY, particularly tournaments with full USL rules, non-conforming uniforms can be penalized as a minor foul and the opposing team will receive possession to start the game.