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CONNY coaches are required to pass the 2020 CONNY Girls Rules Test. 

Navigate to "Coaches Training" on the horizontal bar at the top of this page. 

The test is open book.  Passing score is 28 of 32 questions (88%).  Test may be take as many times as necessary to pass.

2020 CONNY Girls Game & Scheduling Policies

Game Scheduling:

Towns can post both CONNY and non-CONNY games on the CONNY game schedule.  

  • CONNY games are listed as either "Game" or "Full Checking Game" in the Category field
  • Non-CONNY games are listed as "Non-CONNY"  
    • If a team wants to play full checking against a Non-CONNY opponent, add to game notes and notify assignor via email. 

Game Canceling:

Always “Cancel” games first using the Status field instead of “Deleting”.  Not all games are removed from Arbiter when they are deleted from the CONNY Master Schedule.  Cancelling triggers a detailed email for reference in case of a system problem.  Deleting games does not trigger the same notice and can result in referees arriving at an empty field.

Once a games has been cancelled, it may be deleted.

Late Game Changes

  • If a game is changed within 48 hours of start time, schedulers must contact the assignor directly.
  • If a game is changed within 24 hours of start time, schedulers must contact officials directly.  Not all refs have smart phones, so phone calls must be placed to officials with email follow-up.
  • Officials phones and email addresses are the Arbiter game reminder email.  Referee emails are on the Event Detail page in CONNY. 
  • Officials will receive payment if games canceled within 2 hours of game time and towns do not contact officials.  Not all officials have smart phones, so direct calls must be made.
  • If the first of back-to-back games is canceled late and officials do not receive proper notice, they will receive one game fee.
  • Officials’ phone numbers are listed on the reminder email from Arbiter and are accessible to anyone connected to a team in Arbiter.  Randy Bayliss will add anyone as an Arbiter contact to a team or program on request. 


Scheduling Guidelines

  • Length of Junior & Senior Games:  Minimum of 1 1/4 hours, preferably 1 1/2 hours.  Games take an estimated 65 to 76 minutes.  A 90 minute game period is the most reasonable time to allocate and keep games on schedule.  
  • Weekday games should generally not start before 6 pm to avoid overlapping HS games.  If you wish to play earlier, contact the assignor who will check on referee availability. 
  • Saturday is the busiest game day for college & HS Between 11 am and 4 & pm.  Referee availability can vary greatly.  The Assignor will attempt to cover all games, but games in the middle of the day are at greater risk of not having officials.  Please try to plan games to finish by 11 and start after 3:30 whenever possible.


Lightning Policy (same as USL)

  • Once officials are onsite, they have responsibility to suspend or cancel games due to weather.  When thunder is heard or a cloud-to-ground lightning bolt is seen, play is suspended and all players must leave the field to take shelter immediately.
  • Games must wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or flash of lightning is witnessed prior to resuming play. Any subsequent thunder or lightning after the beginning of the 30 minute count will reset the 30 minute clock.