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2022 CONNY Girls -- Officials/Assignor Info

Official Assignor for 2022 - Julie Hughes -

Officials CONNY Game Fees:

  • Adult HS Officials: $75/game with partner, $95/solo
  • Adult Youth Officials:  $55 with partner, $80/solo
  • Junior Referees: $30 - $45 at program discretion

The higher solo fee is for games where a 2nd official is unexpectedly not available.  Programs may not intentionally let games be officiated by solo official. 

Officials rating (Adult HS Ref or Adult Youth Ref) are identified in the CONNY Game Detail page and in Arbiter.


Referee Requirements:

  • 14U Transitional Checking – 2 adult HS officials
  • 14U & 12U Modified Checking -  1 adult ref (HS or adult youth) and one junior ref
  • 10U and 8U games, 2 junior refs or 1 adult ref.

2 adult referees will be automatically assigned to all games between 14U Tier 1 teams as these games are played with Transitional Checking rules.

Towns can request 2 adult rated refs for any games (at least one week ahead) and the assignor will make best efforts to assign 2 adults.

All officials must be USL certified.


Junior Referee Requirement:

CONNY and US Lacrosse policy prohibits junior referees from officiating a game solo.  This is a risk management policy that protects junior officials and programs from unnecessary liability in case of an accident. 


Payment of officials:

Towns are responsible for paying their refs at the game (by cash or check) or by mail within 2 weeks of game date.


Adult Referee Scheduling:

The Officials Assignor will assign the appropriate adult rated and adult youth refs through the Arbiter system for each 14U and 12U game entered on the CONNY site.  Towns have the option to obtain adult referees on their own.

Towns may request adults for 10U and 8U games from the assignor as needed.


Junior Referee Scheduling:

Towns are responsible for scheduling junior refs for home games.   In the event a town cannot find a junior ref, they must notify assignor, preferably at least one week ahead.  It is recommended that towns share junior refs with neighboring towns. 


How to See Referees Assigned to Games in Arbiter:

Programs may request coaches or schedulers be connected to teams in Arbiter.  Those connected will receive a welcome email from Arbiter with instructions on how to sign in and add their cell phone to their profile.  This is necessary so officials can contact someone near game time.

Sign into Arbiter.  Go to Schedule.  Find the team you want to see, click on the number in the game column.  This will bring up that team's game schedule. 

On each game the last column is Slots.  Click on that number and the refs will appear.  Click on the ref name and their contact info will appear.