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CONNY is an association of community-based youth lacrosse organizations across much of Connecticut and southeastern New York.  CONNY has member programs in lower Westchester County, NY to the southwest, in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut to the northwest, in Simsbury to the northeast, and in Old Lyme, near the mouth of the Connecticut River, to the southeast.

CONNY member programs support both boys and girls lacrosse teams.

If you are a player who wants to join a CONNY program team, then please go to the "Member Programs" section of the website and contact your local program directly.
CONNY supports the growth of youth lacrosse in a safe and fun manner. New programs join CONNY each year. CONNY admits programs that share the CONNY values of sportsmanship and fair play in a learning lacrosse environment. 
The benefits of membership are numerous. By joining CONNY, you will join a group of lacrosse programs that share your values of sportsmanship and fair play in a safe, fun and competitive setting. CONNY provides an organization to network and schedule games, promulgates rules for local youth lacrosse, and sponsors a post-season tournament and All-Star Games.
Requirements for CONNY Membership are detailed in this CONNY Bylaw:
Article Three—MEMBERSHIP
Membership in CONNY shall be open to any New York or Connecticut amateur, community based youth lacrosse organization which is not-for-profit, maintains an open membership, and is voluntarily and primarily concerned with the promotion of the game of lacrosse as set forth and specified in these Bylaws. Specifically, an organization sponsoring a youth lacrosse program may be a member of CONNY if it meets the following conditions:
1.     The organization must agree to promote the game of lacrosse among youth in a safe and sportsmanlike environment.
2.     The organization must be not-for-profit.
3.     The organization must have open registration. Registration must allow for participation regardless of sex, race, creed, color, or religion.
4.     No player may be paid for his or her participation in the organization whether the same be money or other valuable consideration.
5.     The organization must pay on a current basis all CONNY dues, assessments, and fees.
6.     The organization must maintain an appropriate liability insurance policy which minimum standards are set by the Board of Directors. (The current minimum standard is 100% player and coach membership in US Lacrosse.)
7.     The organization must select a representative of the organization to be a member of the CONNY Board of Directors.
8.     The organization must abide by and follow all CONNY Bylaws and Rules & Regulations as adopted by the Board of Directors.
9.     The organization must be based upon, and draw its players from, a discrete, geographically contiguous community, such as a city or town, that does not overlap the territory of a current CONNY member. In the event that any or all of a community seeking to start a new program falls within the geographic territory of a current CONNY member, a clear geographic boundary, such as a town line or school district border, must be established between the programs.
Application for new membership must be made in writing to the Board of Directors, which may consider such application at any properly scheduled meeting of the Board. Members are not required to renew membership.