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Overview of 2015 CONNY BOYS Officials Assignments

{Note - update is pending related to the new rules of play related to Lightning 7v7 / Bantam 7v7 for 2017 season}



CONNY requires that the home team must provide:

  • Two certified (patched) officials (US Lacrosse; Connecticut, New York, or Massachusetts high school; or USILA) at each CONNY U15 (senior) and U13 (junior) level game.
  • Two CONNY-recognized officials at each U11 (lightning) level game. These may be certified (patched) officials or Junior Officials (see below).

CONNY urges, but does not require, use of certified or CONNY-recognized officials for U9 games. 

Junior Officials: CONNY Boys Rules of Play permit high school students aged 16 and older to serve as officials provided they (1) complete a US Lacrosse or CONNY-approved apprentice officials clinic, (2) pass the 2015 CONNY Boys Online Rules Test, and (3) are properly equipped. Such Junior Officials may officiate U11 and U9 games, and may also serve as officials for CONNY U15 or U13 games, especially as a third official, so long as they work with certified adult officials. Under no circumstances will high school students under age 18 be the only officials working a CONNY U15 or U13 game. CONNY member programs served by lacrosse officials assignors other than WCLOA, or which obtain officials some other way, often utilize such Junior Officials.

However, WCLOA rules and procedures do not allow its members to work in conjunction with Junior Officials at any level of play. Thus, for programs served by WCLOA, Junior Officials will be assigned by each town's coordinator of officials, not the WCLOA, and cannot work with WCLOA officials in any capacity.

WCLOA certified officials (patched) fee:

  • $65/official/game for U11 and U9
  • $70/official/game for U13 and U15 
  • Tournaments and Jamborees $65 assignor fee per event. Official rates are $55/hour per official. (Officials for the CONNY Tournaments are handled differently)

The WCLOA CONNY assignor is Lewis Socci - he can be reached at