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Program Administrators,

As many of you already know, hosts the websites of a great many of the local clubs within CONNY (see the list below).  The advantages of having a website for your organization are many.  In addition to the obvious benefits of having your own communications vehicle, consider the following:

  • Town websites can be integrated with the CONNY site by linking local teams to their CONNY equivalents.  Once done, the CONNY schedules are automatically inherited, freeing you from having to double enter game schedules.  The same goes for game results.  Results entered either locally or on the CONNY site are automatically updated and displayed on both websites.
  • Town websites can include your member database for rosters and optionally for player statistics.
  • You'll be able to broadcast emails to selected groups of your members such as coaches, team members or the entire organization.  In addition, once team rosters are defined on your site, team members and their parents will receive automatic schedule change notifications.  Game results entered on your local site can include commentary which can be automatically emailed to your local newspaper.  You website will become the backbone of your member communications system, greatly reducing this burden and lowering your costs.
  • You can use our online registration system to automate and manage the registration process.  You can even accept credit card payments.  Registration data automatically updates your online member database and returning members don't have to re-enter their contact information each year.
  • Take advantage of visitor polls and questionnaires.  You can create custom forms for such things as coaching or program evaluations, or let your members vote online on issues you define.
  • Administering a website is about as easy as it gets.  Everything is done through menus and web forms.  If you've ever bought anything online or filled out a form, you've got all the skills necessary to run your website.  There's absolutely no technical expertise required.  Even if you already have a website and a local expert to run it, they'd feel right at home on our system and they'll be able to copy your existing content over very easily.  They can also take advantage of their skills to enhance your site even further.  But, when your expert's child moves on to high school or another program, your club won't be left high and dry with an un-maintainable website and continuity will always be maintained.  In addition, multiple volunteers can work on the site at the same time, allowing you to distribute the burden of maintenance.  You can control access through passwords that you can define and also manage their privileges.

These are just a few of the many advantages of using our system to manage your local website.  For a complete list of features we provide, please visit our company website at  If you'd like to see real examples of local CONNY programs using our system please visit any of the following:

Cheshire Youth Lacrosse 
Darien Youth Lacrosse Assoc 
Greenwich Youth Lacrosse 
Guilford Lacrosse Association 
New Canaan Lacrosse Assoc 
Newtown Lacrosse Association 
Redding-Easton Lacrosse - RELAX 
Ridgefield Youth Lacrosse 
Weston Lacrosse Club (CT), Inc. 
Westport Lacrosse Association 

We also host many more Lacrosse clubs throughout the country as well as those for other sports as well.  If you'd like to see more examples, visit our website and the "Client Clubs" page.

If you'd like to see for yourself how our sites work, you can set up a free, no-obligation test site and use if for 30 days for evaluation purposes.  Just visit our website and click the "Website Builder" page.

Thanks for your continued support.

(877) 311-1973 (say "Don")