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Concussion Resources


The CONNY Board recognizes the importance of Concussion Awareness and Training for all their teams and players.  One example of the resources available is Sports CAPP.  Katherine Price Snedaker developed, a five step program to build concussion awareness in your organization.  Sports CAPP is short for a Sport Concussion Awareness and Prevention Program.  This program can be used by any team or organization as it spells out one step at a time how to help with concussion awareness for all the members of your team – kids, parents and staff.  

This five step program is outlined on the website with free resources and links to materials and videos.  The site shows how to educate every member of your organization about concussions before they occur, adapt safe practices for your sport, and train your coaches to react when head injury occurs.  

Please go to to find FREE resources for your team now.

For peer support for injured players who are sidelined by concussions, please see


If you have any questions or need advice on an overall CAPP Plan, please contact:

Katherine Price Snedaker, MSW
Masters Social Work and Concussion Consultant

  • 203.984.0860
  •       Concussion Awareness and Prevention Program               
  •       Teens helping teens through concussions


If you need medical advice for an injured child, please call 911, seek a doctor or go to your local ER immediately.  Katherine maintains a list of top concussion doctors in the area if you need a referral for a concussion in a non emergency situation.